Time for positive high-impact politics

By Thomas L Blair © 30 April 2015 tip sheet 5 & conclusion General Election Campaign 2015 Series Nothing points up the importance of voting than independent campaigning for the marginal districts in… Continue reading

Voting campaigners should link with “marginal” communities — Tip 4

By Thomas L Blair © 2015 Get-out-the-vote campaigners entered marginal seat Nottingham in an eye-catching orange touring bus. It was bursting with voter registration computers, and a powerful message. Like latter day Robin Hoods,… Continue reading

Five tips for smart Black voters on the margin – Tip sheet 1

UK General Election Campaign 2015 Series — tip sheet 1 Thomas L Blair, 07 April 2015 © A united front of black voters in 168 marginal seats could put race equality and social… Continue reading

Opportunity knocks for Black and minority voters — Tip 3

By Thomas L Blair ©2015 Black and minority ethnic voters could play a pivotal role in marginal seats in the May 2015 British elections. “In a 168 marginal seats the BME electorate is… Continue reading

Youths new chance — General Election Campaign 2015 Series – Tip 2

By Thomas L Blair, 21 March 2015 © Youth’s historic political role is to empower marginal and heavily Black, Asian and minority communities. Moreover, the 2015 General Elections may be just the time… Continue reading

5 Tips for smart Black and Asian voters in May 2015 – INTRODUCTION

Harness the social media to equality and community renewal Introduction By Thomas L Blair, 20 March 2015 © updated 07 April 2015 In a unique alliance, activists and faith leaders with large BME populations… Continue reading

HOLOCAUST Memorial — Time to remember Blacks who died in Nazi Killing Fields

By Thomas L Blair copyright 24 January 2015 Volumes have been written about the Nazis mass murder of “inferior non-aryans”: Jews, Poles, Gypsies, the “gays, disabled and retarded”. However, spare a thought for… Continue reading

Je suis “Blues for Mr Charlie”

By Thomas L Blair ©copyright reserved 21 2015 In all the global permutations of “je suis charlie” it is interesting to note that  James Baldwin’s award-winning tragedy in three acts turned a common… Continue reading

King’s radical views remembered

 ‘Bill of Rights for the Disadvantaged’ still valid   Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington 1963 led us all astray. America was not full of Black and… Continue reading

New Year honours no balm for hard-hit people

By Thomas L Blair 31 December 2014 copyright update 01 January 2015 Have things gotten better this year? I started the year writing about the marked and continued  decline of Black awards and… Continue reading